7 Best Product Packaging Ideas for POP Displays

Packaging is to a product what clothes are to humans. It gives a product a sense of identity, dignity and style. The ultimate goal of a product is to end up in a shopper’s trolley on its way to the till.

How you package your product for effective display in a store is critical to attracting buyers. Whether the purchase is planned or impulse, customers should find it easy to locate and buy any product they want. The following are seven best product packaging ideas for POP displays:

1. Hanging Tags

Hanging tags are shelf signs or talkers that display your goods on aisle shelves. They promote your products in a number of ways; such as announcing promotions, catching a customer’s attention, making your product stand out, and educating the customer about your brand. Hangtags are an easy and cheap means to guide buyers to your brand as they walk along the aisle.

To attract customers, use bright pictures, colours, images and fun words on your hangtags to display variable uses and flavour options for your products.

2. Dump Bin Display Stands

For customers who like to grab small items on their way to the till, use dump bins strategically placed for easy access. They are essential for stocking and selling items such as candy bars. Strategically place a dump bin where customers can see and interact with it from all directions.

Another advantage of a dump bin is you can be creative and project your product’s image on a large surface to entice and pull customers to the stand.

3. Lone Standing Displays

This type of product packaging display is easy to implement. It gives you more flexibility as to the in-store location of your product. With lone standing displays, you can experiment and be creative with designs and attention-grabbing shapes. You can also display an in-your-face version of your brand and make it visible from every angle of the store.

With this in-store marketing strategy, multiple shoppers can engage with it from all sides at any given time. Compared to a typical aisle shelf, it’s easy to tell when stocks are running low.

4. End Cap Displays

Where two aisle shelves sit back-to-back, end caps are placed at the end of an aisle. They allow you to display products without having to use aisle shelf space. End caps attract many views since they are strategically located. Shoppers don’t have to walk the entire aisle length to access your products.

This display builds your product’s image and helps it to stand out from other similar products. It’s easy to notice products on display and entice impulse buyers.

5. Floor Patterns or Graphics

To draw shoppers’ attention to your brand, use floor graphics to create awareness. As customers go down the aisle, they are constantly reminded of your brand. Upon seeing your brand on the floor, all they have to do is look up to access to your products.

These graphics capture attention more than the product packaging. They educate the buyer about your product. They also make it easy to read information about the brand that is otherwise hard to read, especially on small packs. A 3D graphic enhances the features of the product in a detailed and impressive manner.

Make the graphic as eye-catching as possible by using shouting colours to attract attention. The logos should be as large as possible, in large print, and should feature clear pictures of your product. As a rule, go for unconventional shapes and a catchy slogan.

6. Choose a Strategic Location

Compared to aisle shelves, the point of purchase displays provides more options for locating your brands. Highly traversed areas of the store are ideal for displaying products. To increase the chances of product sighting, place your displays closer to the eye-level. Also, place your items near complementary products.

This reminds a customer buying one product that they need the other as well. Moreover, it is an incentive for buyers to get what they want almost in the same location. For example, you can locate your milk, butter or peanut near the bread stands.

7. Educate Customers about Your Product

Your displays should communicate values that are unique to your product. Use colours, slogans or logos you want your brand to be associated with. Entice the buyer to pick your brand. Boldly display any important information, news or selling points for all to see and learn.

This education goes a long way to enhance the demand for your products. You want customers to come to a store knowing exactly what they want to buy: your brand. Make sure it is as easy as possible for customers to locate your brand at a store.

To improve sales and increase your overall performance, a creative POP display is key. By implementing these packaging ideas, you will have a POP display that attracts customers to your products like a magnet.