7 Cheap But Stunning Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard and Garden

Revamping your backyard and garden can come at a very hefty price but there are also numerous ways by which it can be done economically. Yes, that too without compromising the beauty of your garden. In this blog, we’ll show you 7 most economical ways by which you can re-do your garden landscaping and make it a treat to the onlooker’s eyes:

1. Filler Borders – With Grass, Plants, or Stones, Your choice!

Flickr/ JR P

The border landscaping is quite an easy task if done by rules. You have to make a rough sketch of the creatives you want to have in your backyard. If you are going with bushes, it is suggested to have a grasscutter handy with you everytime as bushes can grow haywire.

You can also go with stones in the garden borders. They come cheap, maintenance is almost nothing and looks even better.

2. Classic Fencing: Conventional or Modern Landscape Fencing

Flickr/ Martie Swart

Instead of the widely used wire fencing, you can go with something like the castle-like designs which will eventually gratify the beauty of your garden and backyard.

If you want it to look somewhat modern, a bit of modern art can be done on the fencings. But don’t overdo it as it’ll take the spotlight from the main garden area itself which you wouldn’t want to do.

3. Stonework

Flickr/ tofurocker

Stones come cheap and look stunningly beautiful if a bit of creativity is done. Crushed stones and pebbles can be collected from the sea sores and accumulated for a period of time. When you have enough, put them in the walkways, or the passage where you walk. They also help the landscaping by not restricting the flow of water and minerals through them.

4. Pallet Patio Furniture

Flickr/ Possum1500

Pallet wood can be used to make stunning patio furniture which you can use in your garden or backyard. This kind of raw-natural patio furniture help in the beautification of your landscape. They last long and come cheap.

What’s better than to have a cup of tea in your garden with your friends and them getting awespired with your patio.

5. Tree Trunk Seats – Live Life, King Size


A large tree trunk can be converted into a seating bench. As you can see, it looks really nice if you get it done correctly with all the small elementary designs. This bench(s) will provide a solid platform to have a bonfire around with a barbeque party with friends and family.

6. Modern Designs

Flickr/ Darlene Roelofsen

A lot of shapes and structures can be customized just by us the waste wood materials or even with the plastic slabs. Make sure to use the recycled products to give an eco-friendly touch to your landscaping designs. Crushed stones can be used as fillers or even better, pebbles can be used as fillers in those designs.

7. Mild Vegetation

Flickr/ Martha Heinemann Bixby

If your garden area or backyard is a bit bigger than the normal ones, you can indulge in growing vegetables of a kind or two. This will enhance the quality of your soil and also keep you busy when you get bored and have nothing to do. A mild vegetation will provide you fresh vegetables that can be plucked right from your garden. Doesn’t it sound healthy and amazing?