7 Great Ideas for Promotional Products from Your Business

If you’re trying to grow your business, using promotional products is a great way to get your name out there. And whether you have a small budget or a large one, there are products available to suit just about everyone. Here are some great ideas for promotional products that will increase awareness and interest in your growing business:

1. Clothing

T-shirts, golf shirts, tank tops, hats, scarfs, sweaters, shorts and more are all great ways to promote your company. Have your logo put on any of these types of items and your name and logo will be prominently featured.

2. Drinkware.

Water bottles, hip flasks, thermal mugs, coffee cups, bar sets, bottle openers and everything in between can be adorned with your corporate identity. These are great ideas for employees, clients and customers and can be used in-house or as give-aways.

3. Gadgets and tech.

If you think of USB memory sticks, Bluetooth earbuds, a wireless mouse, earphones, cell phone cases and speakers, you’d just be touching the tip of the iceberg. Logos and company names can be put on just about any type of electronic gadget or accessory you can come up with. And since we all use technology for both business and personal use, getting your name out there on these items makes great sense.

4. Office

Stationery, pens, rulers, desk lamps, folios, document bags, eco or spiral notebooks and so much more are great ways of promoting your company. Frames and wall calendars are also fantastic ways of getting your name in front of people on an ongoing basis.

5. Home and outdoor.

Lunch kits, tool kits, umbrellas, and picnic blankets are all great ideas for your corporate branding. Pick items that people use all the time and your name will always be out there. As more people see your logos and business names, you’ll draw more interest in what you do which can translate into more business and clients.

6. Sport and fitness.

Golf towels, smart watches, soccer balls, yoga mats, sports bags and more are all good ideas for promoting your business. With so many people having an active lifestyle, they can use your products to advertise for you. They use these items in their daily life, so why not give them one with YOUR name on it?

7. Bags and backpacks.

Cooler or thermal bags, backpacks of just about any size, sports bags and picnic baskets. Any of these items can be branded with your logo, name or corporate slogan. And since they’ll be carried around everywhere people go, they really are walking billboards to help grow your business.

Corporate advertising in the traditional sense using newspapers, magazines and flyers is slowly becoming a thing of the past. And it’s expensive. So why not consider using promotional items that last a lot longer than an ad in the paper that people will forget about in a short period of time. And because your name stays on them permanently, you’re not paying for daily advertising that gets taken out with the weekly recycling.