8 Best Ways on How Make Your Weed Taste Better

No matter the demographical makeup, the range of marijuana users are truly diverse. You will find different preferences and styles on display at any weed dispensary. Some young adults may prefer a certain smoking method, while older users may shift towards a more subtle consumption. However, at the end of the day, one of the best parts of consuming the substance is flavour.

Smoking marijuana on its own, although being preferable to some, may be a bit on the boring side for most. As such, there are a number of ways to not only increase flavour, but enhance it before and after harvesting.

Should you be looking for ways to do just that, keep in mind the following ways on how to make your weed taste better:

1. Stress Processing

In order to yield an immensely flavourful marijuana plant, the stress process is critical. This illustrates the procedure in which a plant of any kind is growing in non-favourable conditions. As it pertains to marijuana, the terpenes contained within them need to be slightly influenced.

Terpenes, which are the aromatic substances that stimulate flavour, can be influenced by low-stress training. This denotes the process in which the plant can grow sideways, so that the entire plant can receive more light. With enough exposure to tender stress methods, you’ll inevitably notice the increase in terpene production.

2. Balance The Nutrients

In order to learn how to make your weed taste better, you should be cognizant of the amount of nutrients given to your plant. Oversaturating your marijuana with a lot of nutrients will not only decrease terpenes, but may wholly render the plant as disposable. However, the opposite of the growth process is just as true.

When your cannabis plant does not receive the necessary amount of nutrients, its growth will be stunted. Beware of bugs that may try to inhabit your plant after it is given its proportionate amount of nutrients. You don’t want them chipping away at a potentially flavourful plant!

3. UV Lighting

One of the most important ways to effectively grow a marijuana plant is to give it enough lighting. When the circumstances for ideal growth are mitigated, you should opt for the use of UV lighting. The added effect of extra lighting allows the plant to develop increased trichome production.

Depending on the marijuana plant you are growing, you’ll have to manipulate the UV light according to the plant’s needs. That way, once harvested, you’ll be able to not only get a more potent plant, but a flavourful one at that as well. Just be sure to not give it too much light; find a delicate balance for your cannabis!

4. External Resources

While manipulating the stress process is certainly favourable to your plant’s taste, there are other ways to boost it. Your local dispensary should have products that can be added in externally to your marijuana plant. Known as bloom boosters, these items contain further nutrients that can optimize aroma.

This is a great option for those who do not have optimal conditions for growth. The best way to include bloom boosters into your plant is to use them only when needed. That way, your plant will naturally be able to develop, without suffocating due to external additives.

5. Post-Growth Additives

When your cannabis plant has been harvested, you may be in luck to continue enhancement of flavour. Dispensaries also sell a ton of essential oils and spices, which can be added to your marijuana plant before consumption. All that is needed for most of these items is a cotton ball; add the resource to it and gently dab the bud.

Like the products used during growth, you don’t want to overuse these additives post-growth. Not only will it hamper overall taste, but it may render the entire bud as non-smokable. Moderation is your friend here; lightly dab your marijuana bud, and you will be able to taste all of its finished flavour.

6. Don’t Use Sugar

Be on the lookout for any product or additive that contains sugar. Sugar is counterproductive to flavour, when you eventually smoke your weed. This is because the compound will burn with a very unpleasant, carbon-like taste during consumption.

7. Jar Enhancement

When you add your harvested marijuana to a jar, don’t be afraid to throw in some dried citrus peels or rosemary. These items will mix themselves in with the plant, resulting in an enhanced taste. You can also add in flower petals, for a unique aroma as well!

8. Use Recipes

There are a myriad of recipes online that cater to any marijuana user’s unique tastes. For example, if you have a sweet tooth, there exists various ways to grow a plant that exemplifies sweet candy notes. Experiment as you wish, but be careful during production.

When consuming weed, you should always first try to be responsible. The growth process is very sensitive, and should be done with the utmost in care. With the proper development, you’ll be able to enjoy some truly, magnificent flavours during consumption!