8 Outdoor Summer Sports for Kids to Play During Summer

No matter what age you are, you will most likely have played a sport at some point. Sports are a natural way for us to get physically active, as well as have a healthy dose of competition. Once they are gotten into at a young age, they naturally become a part of our lives as we become older.

Playing sports as a kid is so vital for a plethora of reasons. No matter what season of the year it is, getting active has never been easier. This sentiment is especially true for the summer season, which sees the most involvement.

Outdoor summer sports allow kids to both have fun and get active under warmer weather conditions. Sometimes, seasonal factors may influence the ability to play. As a parent, you may be interesting in enrolling your child into one of the sports camps for the summer. These summer camp programs allow your child to play with other kids who are equally enthused about sports.

If you want to get your kids active, allow them to participate in the following outdoor summer sports:

Sport #1: Soccer

Team sports that are played under the blaring heat of the sun will always see the most enjoyment. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that soccer, or football, is the world’s most popular sport. All they need is a large space, some goalposts, and a ball.

In fact, sometimes a grassy field may not even be needed for summer play. Soccer can be played on an empty road, as long as proper safety precautions are taken. If competition is your thing, then there is no better sport for the youth to play in than a friendly game of football.

Sport #2: Swimming

For those parents who are looking to have their child stay cool during the summer, swimming may be the outdoor summer sport to look to. It all depends on the type of swimming you want to let them get involved in. You don’t always have to go full intensity; allow your kids to just playfully race with one another in a pool.

On the other hand, the summer season has classes in which kids could professionally participate in. Pools can be situated outside or indoors, with the activity perfectly creating a balance of sport and recreation. For a great way for kids to get low-level exercise, throw them into a pool!

Sport #3: Volleyball

All team sports require a team to work as one. Whether it is soccer, or another sport, collaborating cohesively to get the job done is a great way to foster rapport. Volleyball is one of the best sports to demonstrate this idea, and allows kids to develop these habits and behaviours at a young age.

All it takes is a requisite net for your chosen space, along with the actual volleyball. Allow your kids to play outside for maximum effect, or consider playing on a beach! Since it is the summer season, taking advantage of seasonal locations will be the basis for maximized fun.

Sport #4: Tennis

Like volleyball before it, tennis is another outdoor summer sport that allows kids to develop some key attitudes at a young age. Determination and hand-to-eye coordination always require work, so allowing your kids to develop these habits early will prove fruitful. In addition, tennis also helps in developing cardiovascular strength.

It may not be of your concern as a parent at the moment, but it remains very important. Studies have shown great health to be linked to a great cardiovascular system. Don’t let your kids go crazy with this sport; let them have fun at their own pace!

Sport #5: Running

When a few kids are gathered around, find the nearest stretch of land you can. Or, a park will also prove to be just as feasible. Once you have, organize a game of running between all participants. Running is a skill that is developed, before kids even play it as a sport! That way, if they enjoy the activity, they can begin training for more professional endeavours in later years.

Sport #6: Cycling

Teaching your child how to ride a bike is one thing; allowing them to cycle as a sport is another. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be too hard. As long as proper safety protocols are followed outside, a group of kids can find a lot of enjoyment in competitive cycling. Make sure you don’t forget their kneepads, in case of a fall!

Sport #7: Flag Football

America’s most popular sport doesn’t have to be extremely rough on your kids, should they want to play. Flag football is an excellent way to get your kids competing with one another, in a friendly manner. Simply head into a field outside, replace the tackling with flags to be grabbed, and you’ve got yourself a game.

Sport #8: Floor Hockey

Although hockey is usually played on the rink, having your kids play it as a summer sport is just as fun. Floor hockey removes ice out of the equation, and uses the road as a suitable replacement. Divvy up your kids into teams, and watch them have a blast.