9 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Self-Storage Space

Whether you’re downsizing, moving, or just don’t have enough space in your home, there are many reasons why you may want to rent a self-storage unit. Renting a unit can give you the extra space you need to store your belongings safely and securely.

If you’re going to rent a storage unit, however, the worst mistake you could make is pile up your possessions in the unit and leave. Packing, organizing, and storing your items strategically will enable you to store more in the small space and easily retrieve your items later on. Here are some tips for maximizing your self storage space.

1. Use the Same Sized Boxes

Using boxes, bins, and bags of various shapes and sizes will make it more difficult for you to stack the boxes and maximize your vertical space. Instead, use a maximum of two sizes of boxes, ensuring that they are sturdy enough to hold the weight of boxes that are placed on top of them.

2. Don’t Waste Box Space

Filling up your boxes only halfway will lead to you filling up your storage space quicker than necessary. Fill up boxes to the top, placing heavier items at the bottom and filling the rest of the boxes’ capacity with lighter possessions.

3. Keep the Most Important Items in the Front

You may be storing a variety of possessions—some that you may not require for years and others that you may need to pull out once in a while, but you don’t have room for in your home, such as sporting or camping gear. It’ll be easier for you to retrieve these items if you place them front and centre.

4. Take Apart Furniture

You can save a lot of space by dismantling furniture, such as tables and chairs. Remove the legs and keep the screws and bolts taped to the table top or chair so you can put them back together again when you need them.

5. Use Hollow Areas of Furniture

For the furniture that you can’t dismantle, use the hollow space to store more boxes. For example, you can store items inside a wardrobe, stove, washing machine or refrigerator instead of storing empty space.

6. Store Tall Items Near the Back

It can be difficult to determine which items you should store at the back of your storage unit. You know these will be the items that will be the most difficult to see and get to later on. Ideally, you should store tall items at the back, so you can view them easily. Pack bulky items closer to the walls, so you have a clear view of the entire storage unit.

7. Use Shelves

Whether you’re storing bookcases, install shelves, or there are shelves available in the storage unit, make sure to make use of them by storing smaller items or possessions you want to keep close at hand on the shelves.

8. Create a Map

It’s a good idea to create a storage map before you start placing items in your unit. This will ensure you’re putting in the critical thinking and organizational strategies required to maximize space. Consider all items that will go in the unit and place them on the map in the most ideal position. Once your possessions are moved in, keep the map as a reminder of where all your possessions are placed.

9. Create Pathways

You don’t want to have to remove all the boxes in your storage unit to get to a box that’s way at the back. Instead, create pathways to allow walking space in the unit. You’ll be able to access all items more easily this way.