9 Weird Facts about Teeth

You don’t necessarily need to be into dentistry or orthodontics, in order to learn more about teeth, being the reason why this list will deal with some weird facts about them. All in all, we do like to see beautiful white teeth on a person, as a nice smile is probably the first thing we notice when we get in touch with people. Also, there are some interesting facts about teeth, besides those that are weird and gross at certain points. For example, we all know that correctly arranged teeth are synonymous with a beautiful smile of a person. Yet, as far as it sounds strange to you, it’s true – in Japan, teeth called yaeba are uneven teeth that are considered to be the ideal of beauty. Also, in one study, 34% of teenagers and 42% of adults have chosen a brush as the first choice of five inventions without which they could not live. The other four were: a computer, a car, a microwave oven and a mobile phone. When you think of the importance of our teeth, taking into consideration that they may be related to some other illnesses in our body, it is not strange that almost everywhere, the importance of dental health is being stressed. But, let us not go far from our topic – continue reading out some weird facts about teeth.

Weird fact #1

If you have a sensitive stomach, you should definitely skip this one, as it speaks about the origin of George Washington’s wooden teeth. Apparently, they were human teeth, taken from slaves.

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Weird fact #2

Some actors, besides changing their haircut, gaining and losing weight for some roles, also make changes when it comes to their teeth. For example, Brad Pitt had his front teeth chipped for the role of Tyler Durden in Fight Club.

A dentist holding a fake set of teeth in her hands showing how implants work
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Weird fact #3

In the American Civil War, soldiers had to have and use their four opposing front teeth to open a gunpowder pouch.

Male child in Englewood roaring at the camera while playing with a monster constructed from toy bricks
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Weird fact #4

Different names are given to different teeth over the world, so in Korea, wisdom teeth are called love teeth, as they reflect adulthood and the pain of first love.

African-American woman smiling and laughing with flower crown on her head
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Weird fact #5

Although we see them as teeth, what sharks actually have are scales, making it explainable that they can infinitely grow them back.

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Weird fact #6

In America, not many people brushed their teeth, until it became popular after World War II when soldiers who were forced to do it established it as a habit once the war was over.

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Weird fact #7

In Louisiana, there is a difference in biting someone with your natural teeth and biting someone with your false teeth, where the first is considered a simple assault, but the latter is an aggravated assault.

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Weird fact #8

Cats would lose, not only their teeth but also fur and eyesight, without taurine, a popular energy drink ingredient, which is also the main ingredient in cat food products.

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Weird fact #9

The fact that human body is incredible and miraculous is also confirmed by the fact that, before vomiting, humans produce excessive saliva, to protect the teeth and throat from the acid.

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