Author: Cindy Roberts

As the environment is becoming more and more impacted by human use, we need to be mindful about how to cut down on natural resources use and waste. While recycling programs, composting initiatives, and bottle return incentives are great, they don’t get at the core of the issue.

The core of the problem is that we are using non-ecofriendly materials to package our foods. This is highly prevalent as non-ecofriendly materials tend to be cheaper, easier to produce, and easier to pack away and throw out.

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As you may have noticed, the temperature outside is quickly rising. Summer is approaching, and the heat is going to reach a boiling point inside your home. Are you wondering if you should replace your old air conditioner, or are you trying to learn more about air conditioners because you are considering buying one?

Perhaps learning more about the summer heat will help you make an informed decision. Here are nine interesting facts you should know about the summer heat:

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If your business doesn’t have an IT department in place, you might be wondering whether you should assemble one, or simply outsource your IT support.

Although having your own IT expert or team in-house can sound tempting, you should know that it usually requires a lot of resources. Unless you have the money, the time, the knowledge, and the space to add an IT department to your business, outsourcing these services might be a better idea.

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No, today’s generation of accountants are not sporting white short-sleeve dress shirts, wearing pocket protectors, and holding big red staplers. Like other industries, the fresh crop of modern-day professionals has given the accounting profession a little bit of a makeover.

And it’s about time!

But how exactly did they achieve this transformation? It’s simple: social media!

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