How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App?

You can use mobile apps in your business to drive traffic and increase conversions by connecting with your customers on the go. Mobile apps have become a core part of most people’s lives so you need to tap into this growing trend to survive and succeed. If you’re contemplating building an app for your business, then you must have asked the question – “how much does it cost to make an app?”. Let’s go over some of the factors that affect cost below.

  1. App Development Costs
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There’s no one-size-fits-all guide to development costs. They vary based on a number of factors including type of app and functionality, app infrastructure, user interface, scalability, 3rd party integration, data encryption, testing, and final deployment. Get in touch with an app developer company for a quote.

  1. Maintenance Costs
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Mobile app development doesn’t end when you finally have the app you wanted. Maintenance is a key consideration afterwards. You need to keep the app up to date, address new risks, generate bug fixes, monitor malware threats and keep up with changing technology. Your development team should be able to help with this at a reasonable cost.

  1. Hosting Costs
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This is probably the most significant investment you will make after the mobile app has been built. Hosting has a huge bearing on user experience so you need to go for the best possible plan for your needs. The hosting provider should guarantee uptimes and ensure your app loads fast and performs seamlessly. The hosting plan should also be scalable enough to run on every type of device. The cost of hosing will largely depend on traffic levels, memory optimization, database hosting, and security.

  1. External APIs
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If the app is meant to interact with 3rd party applications, then you might incur an additional cost. This is especially so if the 3rd party software is not free. You might be required to pay a monthly fee to access the said API. While this is an additional cost, it saves you the time and trouble of developing your own solutions. It also gives you access to functionalities you might otherwise not be able to implement cost effectively.

  1. Data Security
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Data security is key to the success of the entire app development process. Never treat security lightly. Address all security concerns before launching your app. Take all possible measures to secure user passwords, data and other app usage information.

Securing the data of your customers might seem expensive and time consuming. However. It is a worthwhile investment since a major security breach, a system attack, viral infection or malware attack can easily cripple your business and attract lawsuits. This may end up costing you more than setting up the necessary security infrastructure. For this reason, you should make a point of investing in a robust security solution for your mobile app to forestall the inherent risks involved.

There you have it – a guide on what you should consider when costing your custom mobile app.